Tracey's Story - and one year on...

When Tracey, aged 43, started on the Motiv8 programme she had basically been barricaded into her bedroom for 3 years, only venturing out with her grown up children occasionally. She had a variety of mental and physical health issues and had also subjected herself to self-harm and had even tried to commit suicide on one occasion. Tracey explains: “I have had jobs in the past, but I caught pneumonia and other complications and my health went downhill. I lost my job because of having time off and then I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. That’s when things got on top of me. I couldn’t cope and thought about ending it all.”

Tracey heard about Motiv8 when her GP put her in touch with community workers. They knew about the Motiv8 programme and thought that it would be ideal for Tracey. They referred her onto the programme and shortly after Tracey was assigned to Marie, her keyworker, who worked with Tracey to develop a personalised action plan.

Tracey’s story revisited: One year on…

Tracey’s Dad passed away recently. She credits Motiv8 with helping her to deal with this and to recognize when she needed to seek help. Tracey is now seeking further help and is making sure that she gets out every day and is attending lots of groups.

She said: “Motiv8 gave me the tools to realize that I was getting into trouble … so I went straight for help instead of hitting rock bottom again.I went to the Doctor and my Community Worker and they sorted me out. Now instead of staying in the house I go to a women’s group and an anxiety group and get out and about.”

How has Motiv8 made a difference to your life?

“Since I joined the Motiv8 programme I have been making steady progress. The best thing is that I didn’t feel like I am being judged. I am treated like a human being, like I matter. Even being encouraged to go out for a brew was a big step for me. Step by step Marie has supported me to help me sort out my debt and bills. I’m on a budget plan now and this has really put me on the right track in sorting out my finances. I used to be scared to open letters - partly because of what they would say, but also because I didn’t always understand them. I also did a Motiv8 confidence course and now I’m signed up for a college course with LearnDirect to improve my English and deal with my letters better.

Marie has also helped me sort out my benefits and even encouraged my daugher, who is 17, to join Young Carers as she has often had to take care of me, and this has given her a great outlet.

My confidence is improving all the time. It was only a few months ago that I couldn’t face leaving the house and now I’m going to college and even considering doing some volunteering. I’m not quite ready for work yet, but I’m definitely moving in the right direction.”

What might have happened if Motiv8 had not helped?

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t signed up for Motiv8. I think I’d still be barricaded in my room, self-harming - or I might even be dead.”

What does Motiv8 and the support you got mean to you?

Motiv8 has given me the confidence to face the world again. From the baby steps of going out to a cafe to the fact that I am here today, talking to Key 103! I wouldn’t have been doing this a few months ago…”

Marie, Tracey’s Keyworker said:

When Tracey was referred to the Motiv8 programme, she was socially isolated and often felt unable to leave the house. Her confidence was low and she was struggling to move forwards with her life. Motiv8 helped Tracey build her confidence and realise that she could progress and achieve; she enrolled on a confidence course which was a fantastic boost to her confidence and she then progressed onto a college course which was a fantastic achievement for Tracey. Tracey has come a long way, we are so proud of her and hope that she can be proud of herself for the massive successes she has achieved!!”

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