Eric's Story

Eric is 31 and lives in Oldham. His life took a turn for the worse about 6 years ago when his Mum died from cancer. He had been caring for her and everything went wrong after that. In his own words, Eric describes his situation:

“I was very depressed, suicidal sometimes. I was in a lot of debt and at times I was homeless. I also had a lot of pent up anger, probably as a result of the bereavement, and I turned to alcohol. At first it was just a few drinks to take the edge off, but it grew to become a much bigger problem and I was drinking to excess. I was hospitalised a few times and at one point I was put in an induced coma.”

“It hadn’t always been like this. I have been in the Territorial Army, a manager for a cleaning company, worked in a Warehouse and for the Council. I had done many positive things, but I just couldn’t find my way after Mum died.”

“I heard about Motiv8 from the One Recovery/ADS alcohol and drugs service in Oldham. They referred me to the programme and then I was assigned to a keyworker, Dionne, who has been absolutely amazing.”

How has Motiv8 made a difference to your life?

“Motiv8 has made such a huge difference to my life. I was in a state - a complete mess - but I didn’t care how I looked. Dionne made me feel like a person again, not just a homeless drunk to be ignored on the streets. She put me in touch with so many other organisations who have all been a great help. For instance, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity that helps veterans to support their independence and dignity, provided me with furniture. She also put me in touch with Walking for the Wounded and Challenge 4 Change. I am also working with Rebbeca, one of Motiv8’s debt advisors who is providing me with fantastic support to work through my debts. I can’t thank the Motiv8 team enough. I now feel positive about life and feel that I have a future and can contribute to the world again.”

Since engaging with the programme, Eric has attended detox and has graduated from ‘Straight Ahead’, a 10 week recovery programme. He is also now training to be a volunteer with Positive Steps.

What might have happened if Motiv8 had not helped?

Eric is not sure what would have happened to him if he had not got the help he did from Motiv8. He was in a very bad way and feeling suicidal and depressed, so it is possible that things could have been very bad and, at worst, he would have ended his life.

What does Motiv8 and the support you got mean to you?

“I can’t thank the Motiv8 team enough for their support. I have met so many amazing people on this road to recovery - and been introduced to a network of organisations that I didn’t even know existed. It has been a great team effort from everyone to get me to this much more positive state. With Dionne’s guiding hand, these people have all given me strength, hope and confidence for the future.”

Eric’s keyworker, Dionne, said:

“Eric was one of my first clients and it was evident he was ready to accept the help and support that Motiv8 had to offer. He thanks me for the support he has received and the opportunities he has now gone on to access, but the truth is Eric has put in all the hard work himself. Eric will tell you himself that his journey isn't over yet, he wants to move on to work and really rebuild his life again -something he has already started working on with his family. I wish him every luck in the future, I know that he has so many great things yet to come.”

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